Exterior, Side Yard II:

Taken at the closing. Facing northeast from beneath the silk tree in the side yard. Not visible at ground level is a cap stone for an old well, hidden in this view by the stumps and dead brush. This was most likely an old-fashioned bucket-well, though was likely later used with a pump and plumbing (pre-1978). Notice there are no neighbors across the street: this is due to the presence of gas, water, and power mains running along the defunct New York and Greenwood Lake Railroad bed (hence, "Greenwood" Avenue).

Taken at the closing. Facing roughly north. A view of the front yard and stairs from the front of the side yard. An Arts and Crafts style ballustrade is in the works for the entryway. The post lamp has been removed. The wall-lamp by the door has since been replaced. Apparently the bushes in the front were cut a few months before we saw the place. The concrete sidewalk in the foreground is slated for demolition and removal.

Taken at the closing. Facing northeast from beneath the silk tree. Visible left-to-right are the radon remediation system vent, the electric meter, and a jalousie window at the top of the stairs on the second floor. The green concrete slab, while perfect for a central air unit, appears to have been built to close off a former method of entry to the basement. Many things have been... reworked several times in this old place.