Exterior, Backyard II:

Taken at the closing. Facing south from right behind the patio bushes. The forsythias describe the southern property line. Visible are the first of three terraces on the right, the rear of the neighbor's house on the far left, and in the center background a two family home lately built two doors down. Zooming in on the full-sized version of the image will reveal attractive lichens growing on the rocks of the wall.

Taken at the closing. Facing northeast from atop the first terrace. The heavy, large, rusty section of cast iron pipe next to the house has since been removed. In June, 2007, yellow lilies replaced the tulips of May. Upon closer examination, an infestation of ground ivy can be seen in front of the stone-lined flower bed. This has since been torn out and reseeded with proper ryes and fescues - though the ivy is already making a comeback as of July! ArgH!@#%

Taken at the closing. Facing roughly east from atop the first terrace. The dead-looking tree didn't sprout leaves until early-June; we considered cutting it down. It's actually a Silk Tree (Albizia julibrissin), an exotic, nectariferous tree from Persia and the East which attracts various songbirds, butterflies, hummingbirds, and bumblebees. It has since produced a profusion of flowers which over time drop from the tree and turn into a brown mush... but mowing fixes that problem...